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Coach Attains FIVB Level II

posted 19 Aug 2010, 07:56 by Dan Ladle

Congratulations need to be extended to our fabulous coach Paul Lamb who completed and passed the FIVB Level II course, this means he is now able to coach teams to an advanced level, hopefully allowing the Rockets to proceed up the rankings over this next year as well as attracting players of a higher standard.

The FIVB site can be found here:

Information on the course which Paul undertook can be found here:
By all accounts the course was pretty tough going and a close personal acquaintance happened to mention that our glorious coach was a little surprised when he arrived to find out that all the attendees would have to take part in all the exercises, the word that Sian the acquaintance used was that he was "knackered".
Well done Paul, we're all looking forward to being coached with your newly acquired skills this season.